Datacard Hub

Targeted, Selectable Data

Searchable by list name, keyword, or category, the Datacard Hub includes direct response files, transactional lists, and insert media programs.  They are sourced from a variety of traditional direct mail, new mover, census, catalog, subscription, warranty card, and internet opt-in sources.  Our dynamic set of accounts varies in file size, complexity, list profile, and target markets.

The Adrea Rubin Media, Inc. Datacard Hub is a one-stop center of opportunity for mailers and brokers:

  • Use the Datacard Hub to research the wide variety of data that Adrea Rubin is proud to represent on behalf of its list owners
  • Find comprehensive, detailed datacards containing up-to-date counts and accurate 12-month usage
  • Submit specific count/clearance requests and general inquiries by clicking on the appropriate links on each datacard

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Action Network Mailing Lists Action Network
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Defining Moments Mailing Lists Defining Moments
Donors/Fundraising Mailing Lists Donors/Fundraising
Dresden Direct Mailing Lists Dresden Direct
Figi's Mailing Lists Figi's
Financial Services Data Solutions Mailing Lists Financial Services Data Solutions
Insert Media Mailing Lists Insert Media
Leadbase Online Leads Mailing Lists Leadbase Online Leads
Mothers Work Mailing Lists Mothers Work
New Movers/Pre-Movers Mailing Lists New Movers/Pre-Movers
RAM-Response Analytics Marketing Mailing Lists RAM-Response Analytics Marketing
Seniors/Boomers Mailing Lists Seniors/Boomers
Trigger Markets Mailing Lists Trigger Markets
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